About Homewood

Every day in Homewood someone struggles with hunger; a child faces difficulty in school; a family encounters homelessness; a mother grieves the loss of a child to gun violence.

Every day our community confronts these and other obstacles often too difficult to face and simultaneously too vast to ignore: Violence. Hunger. Homelessness. Skyrocketing Reassessments. Addictions. Desperation. Trafficking. Severe Historic Systemic Neglect.

41% of families in Homewood South live in poverty

33% of males 20-64 years old are unemployed

88% of the community is African-American

Our Battle

Looking through both a transformative and charitable lens, Bethany Community Ministries (BCM) stands as a vanguard striving to overcome the obstacles faced by the Homewood Community by: feeding the hungry, providing safety for children, consoling families who grieve the violent death of a loved one, and addressing the holistic health and wellness of the community. 

Over the past 20 years, we have administered these services by providing an array of community spawned programs.

Though we are currently operating with modifications due to COVID-19, we continue to work diligently to bring high quality programming and resources to Homewood.

COVID-19 Response

Bethany Community Ministries is proud to be able to say that during all of the COVID-19 pandemic, we never closed our doors. In fact, our dedicated staff and volunteers were able to not only modify our existing programs to continue serving our community while following CDC safety guidelines, but to also develop new ways to support our neighbors. Learn more about our COVID-19 response:

Building Safety

Staff and visitors are required to wear a mask indoors at all times. Many of our programs are virtual or outdoors for the time being.

Staff Protocols

We regularly sanitize surfaces in our building. All staff who prepare food wear both a mask and gloves in addition to washing their hands.

New Programs

Our Senior Care Coordination and Health Literacy programs were established in response to COVID and the needs of our community.

Outreach and Tech

Often working in virtual spaces to stay safe and connected during COVID, BCM is committed to using tech responsibly for social good.