To date, BCM has coordinated the facilitation of 33 Covid-19 vaccination clinics and supported the administration of 2,247 Covid-19 vaccinations, many of which were delivered on site in senior congregate housing facilities throughout Allegheny County. Additionally, BCM was able to facilitate 12 Influenza clinics prior to switching over to Covid-19 clinics where BCM also addressed food insecurity. The aim of the Senior Care Coordination program is to address the medical and nonmedical gaps that exist within the vulnerable population of Black and Brown seniors who reside in congregate housing. However, given the latest statistics with regards to vaccine reluctance among the youth and the overall low vaccination rates among this population in Black and Brown communities, BCM believes it now time to again pivot our focus on outreach and vaccination education to counteract the misinformation and support the increase of COVID-19 vaccinations.

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About Our Program Manager

Elaine B. Jenkins RN, PN, CCN is a Licensed Professional Registered Nurse, Commissioned Parish Nurse and Certified Community Nurse. Elaine is a patient advocate and well qualified life coach.
She has always pursued the leadership role in her profession and secular careers. She possesses many awards and recognition for her untiring work in the community. Her leadership skills have been paramount!