Soul Fit Workouts

Since April of 2015, Soul Fit Workouts has provided gentle, accessible, and affordable exercise classes for adults of all fitness levels to increase and enhance their physical fitness and overall health and wellness. Certified and experienced instructors lead exercise classes and workshops in a variety of modalities including strength, flexibility, balance, and aerobic training.  Soul Fit Workouts emphasizes training participants to modify each exercise to their own fitness and comfort level to prevent injury or overtraining.  Soul Fit Workouts has participated in various community wide events to share their fitness and health messages including hosting their own Health and Fitness Fair in the Homewood community in fall of 2018.

Connect with us

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About Our Program Manager

Myrna Patterson recently retired from a 34-year career in auto claims. She started teaching aerobics classes in the late 80’s, and has since become certified in Personal Training, Yoga, and Silver Sneakers. She noted a lack of affordable exercise classes in under-served communities and as a result, founded YogaNuvo, affordable fusion yoga, and Soul Fit Workouts, a faith-based, no-charge, low impact class. Her college major in metal-smithing and minor in fiber informed her founding of the Shawl Project, a non-profit fiber arts ministry in Pittsburgh PA, which donated 4,000 masks during the Covid-19 pandemic.