The Master’s Kitchen

The Master’s Kitchen serves hot, healthy, and nutritious lunches every Friday for anyone that needs one. 

Before the March 2020 COVID-19 restrictions went into effect, the meals were served homestyle in a dine-in area to foster caring and compassionate connections with those who might otherwise feel outcast.

In response to COVID and the ensuing increased need for meals, Master’s Kitchen began serving hot meals in take away containers and increased the number of meals per person from one meal to three different meals to cover the weekend; total number of meals served went from 60 meals per week to 350-400 meals per week and reached a high of 525 meals per week in the summer of 2020.

About Our Program Director

Maria has been a member of Bethany Baptist Church for 28 years. She has also worked in nonprofit for over 15 years. Serving her community and providing service to the less fortunate is Gods calling & also her passion.

About Our Head Cook

Tatiana is a multi-talented blessing to BCM. She is passionate about cooking/baking, accessorizing parties, creating art, and singing. Therefore it goes without saying that children naturally gravitate to her because she is fun, wise and can speak their language.